Thursday, September 20, 2012

Portrait Values

1. Explain the process you went through to develop your drawing.
           The first thing I did was to trace the outline of her face. Next I traced in the smaller details. Then i covered the back of the tracing paper in pencil lead, which I then flipped over, and traced onto a blank sheet of paper. After this, I started to shade in the different shapes and values that I saw. With a little bit of values, I finshed my project.

2. Explain how you found the different values in the portrait?
           The way the light refleted off the skin made different shapes. Then I just had to shade the shapes in.
Finally I had the values shaded correctly.

3.  Did you achieve a full range of the different values within your portrait?  How?
           Yes, if I colored lightly, the shades would be lighter. If I colored darker, the shades would be darker. All I had to do then was to blend the colors.

4. Describe your craftsmanship.  Is the artwork executed and crafted neatly?
            I believe that mine was executed very nicely. The neatness could have been improved however. There were a few smudges and noticable eraser marks.

5. List any obstacles you had to overcome and how you dealt with them.
           The shading around the nose and eyes was a bit tricky for me. I jsut had to go through a lot of trial and error to overcome the shading. When I had gotten them correct, I was very pleased

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