Art 1 Final Portfolio

Exam Questions:
 1) Which project was your favorite or most successful this semester? Please explain.
2) Regardless of whether you liked or disliked the project a project, which one did you learn the most from? 
3) Choose 1 piece of art that you used skills and techniques learned from previous projects. Discuss growth
4) Which project do you feel was the least important in learning the concepts taught in this course? Explain.
5) Choose a piece or artwork where the subject matter reflects you as an artist. One that you have a connection to. Explain.

#1 ^ 
I feel that this was my most successful project of the semester for many reasons. The textures stood out because of the different ways I cut out the linoleum. I left the linoleum there to show the positive space, and cut it out to show negative space. The way that I used foreground, middle ground, and background was great in showing contrast between different figures.  I believe that the craftsmanship of my print could have been better, but was overall very neat and nice. The cuts in the linoleum we deep enough when needed, and the shapes were perfectly cut. The only area I could have improved was the middle ground. However, you could easily see the figures that were in front or behind each other. It may have not been my favorite, but it was my most successful.
 #5 ^
This piece of artwork expresses me entirely. Firstly, it shows my love of the beach. This is a scene of a place called Jefferey's Bay in Southern Africa. Ever since I saw this place in a movie years ago, I've wanted to go there. It also reflects me in that I use vibrant colors in my work. I can't stand it when people use dull colors in artwork, so I always try to use them in mine! Lastly, it shows my style of painting. People always say that everyone has their own special style of drawing or painting, and I noticed that I usually make mine a bit abstract.
 #4 ^
I think that this is the most useless when it comes to learning concepts. I thought it was a very fun project, and I loved creating it, but it just didn't really seem like it would matter later on in life (if i were to become an artist). The spray paint was probably the best part of the project. First we had to spray different patterns of paint onto the collage to give it a nice textured background. The general idea was to use lots of bright colors and weird pictures to create a collage that was very unique. Then we put the stencil on top of the collage to spray paint it in with a darker color. The only concepts we got out of this were using the knife, spray painting, and learning how to create a collage. Just because it didn't teach many concepts, it was a fun project!
 #2 ^
I definitely learned the most from this game drawing the most. It had just about every element that I'd hoped it would have. It stood out in colors, it looked 3D on a camera, and the vanishing points appeared as hoped! This piece taught me many things in the way of technique. I learned vanishing points and how to include shadows to make things look 3D, which I then used in later projects. Patience was another important thing that I learned. Before this project I would try to rush to get things done, but now I take my time to make them look as good as possible.

#3 ^
Shading! Shading was such an important technique that I used in this piece. Since it was a values sketch of a fellow class mate, it was a perfect opportunity to use the shading technique that Mrs. Rossi showed us how to do. By applying different pressures, you could control light and darkness. I think that the hardest part of the project was trying to find the different shapes in her face to shade in. When I found the shapes, I had to blend the edges in with the other shapes to make a gradual change. This project really helped me develop my skills as an artist. It showed me how good values look when they are shaded properly. I can say I was very pleased with the outcome of my project!

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