Friday, December 7, 2012

Car stencil project critique

Famous Landmark or Transportation Stencil Critique
1. Explain how you changed your photo in the lab to create a stencil.
First I edited the threshhold of the picture in photoshop to show different positive and negative space in the car. Then I projected the picture onto a larger canvas to trace. Next I used the xacto knife to cut out the different pieces.

2. When creating the collage background explain your choices of colors, materials (magazine paper, books pages, etc), and placement. How does it relate to your topic? If no relation discuss general idea.
The general idea was to use lots of bright colors and weird pictures to create a collage that was very unique. I wanted the composition of the collage to be different textured and bold.

3. Discuss the way positive and negative space was used to create your stencil.
The positve and negative space was used to show features in the car the car that were bloder than others. I cut out the negative space, while leaving the positve space. As you can see, this worked out very well when the final stencil was created.
4. When using the xacto knife, explain the safety procedures, how to use the knife and any challenges you had to overcome while cutting.
There were many difficulties in using the xacto knife. You couldn't cut towards you, otherwise it might slip and cut you. You couldn't get a firm grip on it when cutting the poster board. And it was hard to keep control of it.
5. How was your experience with the spray paint? Discuss how color choice is important, placement of stencil, and any other concepts you noticed while creating this.
The spray paint was probably the best part of the project. First we had to spray different patterns of paint onto the collage to give it a nice textured background. Then we put the stencil on top of the collage to spray paint it in with a darker color.


Anamorphosis Critique

Anamorphosis Critique

Word Bank: Use these vocabulary words in your responses. Please underline or make letters bold when you use them. 

Grid       colored pencils anamorphosis                 photoshop        transform         scale
Perspective      shadows             value                    

1. Describe the process you went through to change your object into the correct perspective to create the drawing. This is when you were in the lab.
First we used photoshop to transform and scale our pictures so that we'd be able to draw them. When we printed them out, we created a 1x1 grid to see each individual part of the piece.

2. How did distorting and stretching the object allow for you to create a drawing that would look different to the viewer?
It made it a little bit easier to see the values and the scale of which we were distorting the items in the picture. When looked at normally, it looked like a weird shape of a soda bottle. if looked at by an angle it looked almost 3D

3. What were the most important concepts in the project to make it successful?
I used perspective to show how the 3 dimensional figure looked, and shadow to add dimension. This was how I created the colored pencil anamorphisis