Thursday, January 9, 2014

Final Project: Tutorial

Eye Effects

Step 1.
First, you’re going to find/take a (close up) picture of an eye, human or animal. Then you’re going to open up a new template in Photoshop, and set it as the background.

Step 2.
Select the 'Magic Wand Tool' and click the pupil area. It should now be surrounded by a moving, dashed line. Then right-click on the area inside of the line and choose 'Layer via Copy'. The pupil should now be its own layer.

Step 3.
With the new layer being the active layer, Find the 'Layer" tab and scroll down to Liquify. Once you find it you can click it.  

Step 4.
When you are in the new screen, use the 'Forward Warp Tool' to change around the looks of the pupil. You can pull it, stretch it, move it, whatever you want! You can even use the other tools to change it. Once you've finished, hit the Enter key to go back to the normal screen. 

Step 5.
After you exit the Liquify screen, your new pupil shape should be in the same spot as it was before you changed it. If it isn't, go ahead and move it into the spot that you'd like.

Step 6.
Next, you're going to make a new, clear layer. Then select the 'Brush Tool'. Once selected, start with picking any color. Then you're going to make a single dot, big enough to fill the space between the pupil and the border of the iris (colored part of the eyeball), but small enough so that it doesn't go outside of the colored area or go inside the pupil. Then select another color and put another dot right next to the last. Continue doing this until there are enough dots to make a ring around the pupil.

Find the 'Filter' tab, go down to 'Blur', and select 'Gaussian Blur'. A small pop-up box should appear

Step 8.
Slide the notch on the bar to around 25 pixels so that the colors are blurred, but not too blurry to notice what colors they are 

Step 9.
When you have the colors blurred, go to the Layer effects and select 'Overlay'. What this does is almost blend/combine the layer into the other layers to create a reflective surface which really looks like a colorful eyeball

Last Step.
Save it.

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